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Award-Winning YA Fantasy/Romance Author

Jessica Flory is an award-winning author of YA fantasy/romance. She has a bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology from BYU, Provo, and she uses that science background to dream up cool settings and magic systems. Jessica has been a proud member of the Hot Mess Writers Critique Group since 2013. 

Jessica is a mom of three crazy boys and one girl. She is a fitness instructor and an avid baker. When she’s not writing, she can be found chasing her kids, making a mess in the kitchen, or reading with her husband.

Jessica's writing explores deep themes with interesting characters that grow and change, and a unique setting is always a must. She enjoys changing the natural physics of the world way too much. 

"I hope my stories will make you feel deeply, that something will resonate and stick with you. Thanks for reading!"

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