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Jessica Flory's Books

"My promise to you is that my books will always be clean, the adventures breathtaking, and the romances swoon-worthy. Enjoy, and please reach out and let me know what you think!" - Jessica Flory

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Winner of the 2023 Readers' Favorite Book Awards

Love weakens his magic, and survival is far from guaranteed.

One girl. Her boat. An ocean of sand to cross.

Norah’s desert world has always been treacherous, with the roiling ocean of sand, giant scorpions, and brutal sandstorms—but now an unnatural famine plagues the desert nations and threatens to destroy all.

Despite being the only one in her village without a sand gift, Norah is chosen with her best friend, Zadock, to sail across the ocean of sand in search of the legendary moonstone, an artifact that could end the famine.

As Norah and Zadock set off on their journey, secret romantic feelings each has suppressed for years rise to the surface. Love weakens sand gifts, and if they act on their feelings, Zadock's sand gift will disappear.

Caught in a crossfire between forbidden feelings, an unforgiving desert, and starving nations willing to do anything to survive, Norah and Zadock discover the true meaning of sacrifice—and the power that love has to heal the world.

“Oceans of Sand has beautiful prose, immersive world-building, and characters you'll root for from the first page!"
- Janette Rallison, USA Today Best-Selling Author

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An Oceans of Sand Novella

Can he really pull a heist on a god?

A disillusioned thief.

A dreaded gift.

An impossible heist to pull.

Jehn fears the day when his people will receive a moonstone from their goddess, Atoille, which will bestow a sand gift upon everyone. His rough upbringing on the street, pulling cons to survive, has taught him that people can’t be trusted.

When the dark god steals the moonstone and Jehn accidentally becomes the only recipient of its power, he must harness his unwanted gifts to recover the moonstone.

Jehn will have to master his new powers and dig up every skill he learned on the street if he’s going to cross the ocean of sand, infiltrate the dark god’s dwelling, and take back the moonstone.

Can he really pull a heist on a god?

“Fascinating magic, a dash of romance, and stakes that
have you at the edge of your seat!"

- Madelyn Smith, The Squeaky Clean Reader

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