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So What Happens After an Author Signs a Contract?

Hey, friends! How are ya? Summer treating you well so far? We are three days in and I'm ready for school to start.

KIDDING. Kind of.

Our kids are enjoying their routine of reading, outside time, chores, piano practice, and a few pages of a summer workbook before they can do anything else. (And by "enjoying" I mean - "you'll do this and you'll like it so suck it up.")

What do you do to stay sane during summertime?

An Author Signs a Contract... What Next?

Alright, let's talk about author stuff! It's been a few weeks now since I signed the contract with Immortal Works to publish Oceans of Sand, my young adult fantasy novel. (Eeeek!!! I still get butterflies every time I think about it!)

What happens now?

I'm sure this part is different for every author and every publisher has their own process. For me, here's how it's going down -

Oceans of Sand Goes through Early Edits

I have 30 days (well, 18 now. Yipe!) to turn in a gleaming, polished draft to the Immortal Works' editor-in-chief, Holli Anderson. She will then assign me an official editor. (99.9% sure it's going to be Lindsay Flanagan since she was the one who recruited me.)

My editor will then have 45 days to look over the manuscript and make further edits. She will pass on suggestions to me (like, this character arc sucks. Or, this sub plot is crap. Probably a little nicer than that.)

Then we'll do it again! Round 2 of edits.

Oceans of Sand is Shared with Early Readers

A shiny final copy (called the Advanced Reader Copy, ooooooh!) will be passed on to some early readers, book bloggers, and other authors to allow them time to read and give reviews. In the meantime, cover design and copy rights will be finalized.

And then my book, Oceans of Sand, will be published!


The publication date is still not set since we're so early on in the process, but I'll keep you updated! Please subscribe to my newsletter, and follow me on facebook, twitter, and instagram for more about author life!

You're the best - hugs!

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