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Exciting News, and I Need Help!!

Hi, friends! How's life treating you? Happy 4th of July next week, WHAT??? How did that happen?

What are your 4th of July plans? We'll go to a parade, barbecue some burgers, and watch some fireworks from our driveway.

We just got back from visiting family in Utah, and we are TIRED. Yeah, traveling with four kids will do that to you. But while we were there I got a lot of time to write!

Lots of Exciting News!

Here we go, news in order of ascending excitement:

1) I got author headshots done by the incredibly talented McKenna Hooker!

(AKA my sister-in-law.) She did such a fantastic job! McKenna did my makeup and took the photos - wow! I am thrilled with how they turned out.

Here's just a few of the gorgeous photos she took -

Jessica Flory
Headshot One

Jessica Flory
Holding a Book

Jessica Flory
And... Playing with Hair

Don't you love them???

2) Exciting piece of news number 2 - I submitted Oceans of Sand revision one to my editor! This is how I felt about it :D

YES!!! It was a heck of a lot of work, and we're only through round one of edits. I spent hours and hours revising Oceans of Sand and making it shine (not to mention countless hours writing the thing.)

Next, Lindsay will read over it and then she'll get back to me with even more edits! Exciting! I don't know exactly what that will look like or how extensive the changes will be, but I'm looking forward to finding out.

3) Finally - this is huge - I have a tentative release date for Oceans of Sand!

Oh my GOSH I am so excited!!! Oceans of Sand will (tentatively) be published... drumroll, please... June 20, 2023!!!


Alright, yes. It's still a year away. But at least now we know and we can start counting down the days! Oceans of Sand will be in your hands in one year, baby!!

I Need Help!

Alright, here's where I need your advice. I am having a hard time deciding between two headshots that I really love. This will be the author bio pic that goes in Oceans of Sand, eeek!!

Will you help me choose? Comment below!

Here they are - pink or blue? Let me know what you like best!

The first:

Jessica Flory

And the second:

Jessica Flory

You're wonderful! Thanks for your help :) Hope you're doing great, and don't forget to hang out with me on facebook, twitter, and instagram!

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