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A Day in the Life of an Author

Hi!! How are you, lovely?

Hope you're doing amazing! We got hit by a pretty nasty sickness in our home. All four kids have been coughing and sneezing, and Gwen (my little girl) had a fever. It's been pretty miserable. Hoping everyone is over it quickly!

Jessica Flory and Daughter
Sick Little Miss

What's it Like, Being a Writer?

Well, it's a lot of this -

Jessica Flory editing Oceans of Sand
Waking up EARLY to edit Oceans of Sand

And this -

Jessica Flory Reading
Gotta Read!

Also lots of this -

Jessica Flory Bookstore
Bookstore Craziness

And, once in a while, a little bit of this -

Jessica Flory
Celebrating Success!

Oceans of Sand Update

I am deep in editing right now. I have TWELVE more days to get this manuscript perfect and then submit it to my editor. She will then suggest even MORE edits, and we'll do the whole thing again.

I'm really hoping to have a publication date for ya soon!! Also stay tuned for lots of good stuff - cover reveals, first chapter sneak peaks, and live readings! YAY!!

Thanks for joining me on this incredible journey!

What's your routine like lately? (Especially during Summer when EVERYTHING changes!)

Writers - when do you get your best writing done?

Have a great day, all! Don't forget to connect with me here, here, and here!

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